What intraocular lens will I receive?

If you are reading this, you are different from most of the patients that are currently being operated of cataract or presbyopia (with intraocular lens) as only a few of them worry about the model of lens they are going to get. Basically, this is due to two reasons:

  • They are not aware of the big variety of intraocular lenses on the market and the big differences among them.
  • They delegate all the responsibility to the ophthalmologist.

In order to know the model of lens that your ophthalmologist plans to choose, you must first know the kind of intraocular lens that is going to be used: One focus (aspheric or spherical monofocal), multiple focus (multifocal), astigmatism correction (toric), etc.

Basically, for each type of intraocular lens the main lens manufacturers offering at least one model. For example, if we talk about multifocal intraocular lenses, we find that Oculentis has the “lentis Mplus x”, alcon the “Acrysol IQ Restor”, Physiol teh Finevision, Zeiss the “AT LISA tri”…and so on. It suffices to just surf three minutes on this portal to see the lenses of each manufacturer and their different designs, materials, dimensions…It makes sense to think that the sight they give to the patient it is different as well.

Do I have a say in choosing the intraocular lens?

In a visit before your cataract or presbyopia surgery, you will discuss with the ophthalmologist your expectations after surgery and you will be informed of the sight possibilities that you can expect in your specific case. Depending on your expectations, your ophthalmologist will use a type of lens or another: if you want to get rid of glasses at all distances, if you suffer astigmatism, if you choose a monovision strategy, etc.

The answer to the previous question is a clear yes.

Do I have a say in choosing the lens model?

In general, as weird as it may seem, it depends on the country you are in. In some countries, the patient knows beforehand the IOL he is going to receive, or what two types of intraocular lens models are being considered. Sometimes, patients want to know the experiences of other patients that carry that specific lens. There are even clinics that offer surgery alongside with a specific intraocular implant to replace the cataract or the transparent crystalline. In any case, the ophthalmologist is responsible for deciding if the patient is a good candidate for surgery with that specific implant.

What if my ophthalmologist has not informed me about the lens I am going to receive?

No one knows better than your ophthalmologist what is the best intraocular lens for you. Take into account that, depending on the expectations you told him and your eye characteristics, he will know the surgery and the implant that will give you the best results. There are ophthalmologists that inform you previously of what kind of specific model and brand you need and others that don’t. It would be a mistake to conclude that there is no transparency since all of them include the IOL details on your clinical history. As always, we invite you to talk and ask your ophthalmologist to make sure he posses all the necessary information to be able to choose the intraocular lens that is best for you.

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