HOYA Intraocular Lenses

Hoya’s history of innovation in optics and patient care began in 1987 when a team of researchers led by Kosugi-san brought the first HOYA® IOL to market in Japan. Nowdays, HOYA Surgical Optics is one of the largest global intraocular lens companies.

Hoya is mainly focused on ophthalmology and provide ophthalmologists with innovative devices and services in key segments that help elevate their quality of care. Hoya offers a diversified portfolio of products and one of the strongest new product pipelines in the industry. Important milestones in Hoya’s history have included the following:

    • 1987: Kosugi-san and team bring HOYA® IOLs to the market in Japan
    • 1994: HOYA® One-piece yellow tinted PMMA IOL
    • 2001: HOYA® One-piece foldable acrylic IOL
    • 2003: European operations begin in Germany, the first office outside of Japan
    • 2008: HOYA iSert® 251 – the first hydrophobic preloaded IOL system
    • 2009: U.S. operations begin with an office in California
    • 2009: iMics1™– the first hydrophobic IOL to be delivered in a 1.8 mm incision
    • 2010: HOYA iSert® 251 – the fastest growing preloaded IOL system in Japan



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