TECNIS Symfony ZXR00


The TECNIS Symfony IOL takes advantage of a new optical technology, different than the one used by current multifocal IOL’s, for offering an Extended Range of Vision.

Until now IOL correction for presbyopia was achieved through:

IOLs with different designs (bifocals , near segment sector-shaped, trifocals…) that split the light in several focal areas.

All distances TECNIS Symfony

Accommodative IOLs that change their shape and dioptric power when the ciliary muscles contract.

Instead of several focus areas, the TECNIS Symfony IOL get one elongated focus area by implementing two technologies:

– Proprietary diffractive optic design that extends the length of focus.

Symfony Optic

– Achromatic technology that corrects chromatic aberration.

Symfony Chromatic Aberration

TECNIS Symfony specifications:

TECNIS Symfony

Optic Design:
Multifocal with extended range of vision
Shape of the Optic (D):
Anterior: Aspheric Biconvex
Posterior: Diffractive Achromatic
Lens Toricity:
Lens Filters::
Square Edges:
Lens Asphericity:
Optical Principle:
Lens Structure-Design:
Lens Material:
injector (D):
UNFOLDER® Platinum 1 Series Screw-Style Inserter (DK7796);UNFOLDER® Platinum 1 Series Cartridge (1MTEC30);
UNFOLDER® Emerald-AR Inserter (EMERALDAR); UNFOLDER® Emerald-AR Cartridge (1CART30)
UNFOLDER® Ultra Syringe-Style Inserter (DK7786); UNFOLDER® Ultra Cartridge (1VIPR30)
Haptic Design:
Optic Diameter:
Overall Diameter:
Spheric Diopters Step:
0.5 dpt
Spheric Diopters Range From:
Spheric Diopters Range To:
0,5 Spheric Diopter Range From:
0,5 Spheric Diopter Range To:
A Constant:
118.8 (Contact Ultrasound); 119.3 (Optical)
5.4 mm (Contact Ultrasound); 5.7 (Optical)
Surgeon Factor:
1.68 (Contact Ultrasound); 1.96 (BOptical)
Lens Manufacturer:
Website source of information: