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Myopic with Alcon SN6CWS IOL after cataract surgery

participant asked 4 years ago • 
24 May, 2015

I replaced my lens. Implanted SN6CWS 23.5D. The doctor said that I would see well into the distance, and close to the points. I’m the opposite, I see well close and away dull. I suspect that I installed the wrong lens.

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surgeon |  answered 4 years ago

Dear user,


According to your vision (see close well and away dull) you are now myopic (the power of the chosen lens is higher than needed). In cataract surgery the power of an intraocular lens is calculated after the preoperative measurements. With modern technology these calculations normally are pretty precise, if done only with ultrasound there are bigger variations possible.

If you are not happy with the refractive results there are two possibilities to correct it. Depending when the cataract surgery has been performed one can discuss a lens exchange or without contraindications your myopia can be corrected with laser refractive surgery.

Kind regards